Charley Orlando "Organica"


by Charley Orlando

This is my debut release on AMA Label Groups Milieu Records! It's a mix of contemporary folk colliding with Ableton Live DJ software to create a sound all of it's own ... ORGANICA GROOVE!

Charley Orlando "RooT"


by Charley Orlando

This album was recorded in my attic using pro tools and ableton live! I built the songs from the ground up and played all the instruments that I didn't program. It is the most unique and creative album I have released to date! I truly love it and can't wait to play it all live as a solo artist! It's what I call "Organica Groove"

Charley Orlando Band "Free World Citizen"

Charley Orlando - Live At The Redhouse

Live At The Redhouse

Released in May of 2007 at The Redhouse Theatre for TK99 Soundcheck this show is a great example of what Charley is capable of as a solo artist live.

Charley Orlando & Ruha - "The Dust That Lands"

The Dust That Lands

Debut album from an all star band release in Feb. 2007. Nominated to the 50th Annual Grammy Ballot Entry in 3 categories.

Dexter Grove - "Color Me Naked"

Dexter Grove - "Color Me Naked"

This was DG's Final album released in 2001. Recorded in Seattle,WA and Ontario,NY with special guests, Lewi Longmire, James Whiton, Tim Herron, Ken Juhas, and Kirk Juhas.

Dexter Grove - "True"

Dexter Grove - "Alive & Well"

Dexter Grove - "Alive & Well @ The Gates Of Eden"

Released in 1997 this was a Live album recording in Bar Harbor,ME @ Gates Auditorium on the campus of The College Of The Atlantic.

Dexter Grove - "Live w/o A Crowd Vol.2"

Dexter Grove - "Live w/o A Crowd Vol.2"

Released in 2000. Recorded Live during the Summer Tour of 2000 in Yellowstone Park,WY @ Canyon Rec. Hall.

Dexter Grove - "Live w/o A Crowd Vol.1"

Dexter Grove - "Live w/o A Crowd Vol.1"

Released in 1999. Recorded Live @ The Aggie Theatre in Ft. Collins,CO with special guests Jim Loughlin and Al Schnier.